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Model RSA-02

The model RSA-02 was developed together with Instructors who have more than twenty years experience in teaching and designing hydraulic systems for the local market and who are accredited trade test providers. Special attention has been given to the requirements of Trade test preparation.

This ensures that no extra burdensome theory is presented and leads on to the eventual Trade Test training.

The “One Touch” system of placing components is recognized as the simplest and most convenient in the market. Its dimensions allow it to be used with most trainers on the market, and has the advantage of holding most components in a horizontal or vertical position.

Learning Sequence

Study of components: From introductory to advanced: Operation of

Components – Basic – Trade Test – Intermediate – Advanced - Electro – Proportional – etc., with entry at any stage

Hydraulics Training 1.jpg
Hydraulics Training 2.jpg

One touch system                                 Electro Modules                          Various configurations

Training Content


Basic principles

The hydraulic system

The reservoir



Pressure meters

Flow meters


Hydraulic power pack

Hose couplings

Directional control valves

2/2 way valve

3/2 way valve

4/2 way valve

4/3 way valve


Hydraulic Motors

Single acting cylinders

Double acting cylinders

Flow control valve

One way flow control valve

Non return valve

Pressure comp. flow control

Pilot operated check valve

Pressure limiting valve

Pilot pressure relief

Supported by video presentation

Practical Tasks

The action of a single acting cylinder

The action of a double acting cylinder

The 4/2 way and 4/3 way valve

The hydraulic motor & its protection

The Pin assembly rig

Speed control of a cylinder

Lifting and lowering a mass

The differential pressure in a cylinder

The pilot operated check valve


The relay

Pushbutton control of a double acting cylinder

Latching circuit controlling a cylinder motion

Limit switch controlling a cylinder motion

Continuous reciprocating motion

The timer

The timer as an electrohydraulic control

Pushbutton extension and timer retraction

Continuous reciprocation with a timer

Cylinder control with double solenoid valve

Relay control of a double solenoid valve Sequencing of two cylinders A+B+B+A Sequencing of two cylinders A +/ B+A-/B­Sequencing of two cylinders A+B+/Timer/A-B‑

Preparation for Trade Test

Assembly tasks

Fault finding

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