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Basic Hydraulics
Pneumatics 1.png

Model RSA-01

The model RSA-01 was developed from experience gained in the local market. The system relies mainly is the practical approach rather than unnecessary theory. Special attention has been given to the requirements of Trade Test Preparation

The “One Touch” system of placing components is recognized as the simplest and most convenient in the field. Its dimensions allow its components to be used with most trainers on the market, and has the further advantage of supporting most components in the horizontal or vertical position.

Learning Sequence

Study of components: From introductory to advanced: Operation of

Components – Basic – Trade Test – Intermediate – Advanced - Electro – Proportional – etc., with entry at any suitable point

Pneumatics Training 2.jpg

One touch system         Various bench configurations          Electro Modules              Storage Drawers

Introduction Theory

Basic Principles


Air Service Unit

Air filter

Pressure regulator

Pressure regulation

Single Acting Cylinder

Double Acting Cylinder

Directional Control

Flow Control Valve

Non Return Valve

Pressure gauges

OR Valve

AND Valve


Sequence Valve

Time delay valve

Simulation Program

Circuit diagrams


Basic Activities


Single acting cylinder

Double acting cylinder

AND valve

OR valve

Meter in

Meter out

Quick exhaust

Pilot operation

Sequence valve

Time delay valve

Intermediate Activities

Indirect control single acting cylinder

Loading a workpiece

Indirect control double acting cylinder

A bus door

Two hand safety

The guillotine Slow advance fast retract The guillotine blade

Manual extension delayed retraction

The Spot welder

Reciprocating Motion

The Stamping machine


Clamping and drilling

An industrial circuit

Advanced Activities

Functional Diagrams

Sequence Control

Pressure Control

Three Cylinder Control

Bending Device

Weighing of golf balls

A Transfer Station

Electro Pneumatics

AND logic

OR logic

Combination logic

Operation of a relay

Dominant OFF

Dominant ON

Indeterminate control

Direct control of a single acting cylinder Indirect control of a double acting cylinder

Indirect control from two positions

Direct control - Automatic retraction

Indirect control – Automatic retraction Continuous reciprocation

Continuous reciprocation with option Pressure and displacement dependent control

Pneumatics Training 3.jpg

Trade Test Preparation

A+ B+A- B- with delay
A+ B+ A– B–
A+ B+ A– B‑
A+ B+ B– A–
A+ B+ A–B‑

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