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Air Conditioning Trainers

Automotive Test Bed

Cooling Tower

Gas Turbine Power Plant

Heat Exchangers

Jet Engine

Steam Turbine Power Plant

Stirling Engine

Temperature Bench



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T009-1 Automotive Engine Test Bed.png
T008 Stirling Cycly Hot Air Engine.png
T007 Turbo Jet Engine.png
T006 Temperature Measuring Bench.png
T005 Mini Gas Turbine Power Plant.png
T004 Demonstration Cooling Tower.png
T003 Steam Turbine Power Plant.png
T002-2 Recirculating Air Conditioning Unit Climatic Chamber.png
T002-1 Laboratory Air Conditioning Trainer.png
T001-5 Shell Tube Heat Exchanger.png
T001-4 Plate Heat Exchanger.png
T001-3 Multi Heat Exchanger.png
T001-2 Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger Different Metals.png
T001-1 Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger.png
T009-2 Automotive Engine Test Bed.png
T001-1 Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger.png