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Agricultural Vehicles


Cutaway or models of many kinds of agricultural machines, including tractors, planters, spreaders, fertilisers, harvesters, balers etc.  

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Illustrated Massey Ferguson Tractor Art 8300

Cutaway model of Massey Ferguson Tractor Pert Industrials

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Air Brake Training


Truck/Trailer Cutaway

Panel including all the components of a compressed air system.  Complete in all details.  The pipes are painted in different colours to show the different circuits and pressures.  This is a cutaway unit showing all the internal parts of each component.

Air Brake Training Pert Industrials
Air Brake
Working Air Brake

Air Brake Training - Working


Truck/Trailer Cutaway

Manufactured using actual Wabco parts.  Includes the latest EBS for the trailer

Air Brake Training Working Pert Industrials
Air Con Working

Air Conditioning Working Rig


Max power 2kW

Refrigerant Freon R134a

Piston compressor


Dehydrating filter

Pressure switch

Expansion valve

Evaporating unit



Fault insertion panel

Air Conditioning Rig Automotive Pert Industrials
Auto Electrical Trainer
Auto Electrical Trainer Pert Industrials

Auto Electrical Trainer


The stand alone unit is depicted here with the built in storage compartment.  The unit operates through a sealed battery to closely simulate automotive operation.  A service free battery and charger is included.  If battery servicing is required as part of the course, a standard bttery can be supplied.  The battery is accessed via the ignition switch and is used to power all the components in this "negative earth" eletcrical system.  All panels can be supplied with the concealed fault switches for troubleshooting.  The unit may be expanded with additional panels (indicated on the right). 



All the components are real automotive units selected and mounted to give the best didactic value.  Subcircuits are assembled and made to work.  The standard ignition system is wired from various components and the sparks can be seen when the distributor dirve is made to operate in either the "idle" or under acceleration.  A tachometer can be connected to this circuit.  The thermostat will detect the temperature rise and the radiator fan will switch on.  Your students will learn auto electrical circuits in a reduced time span because all details have been carefully observed such as simulated engine noise when starting, the lights dimmig if the starter is operated etc.


Technical Specifications


Ignition System

  • Mounted Sparkplugs

  • Coil

  • HT Leads

  • Distributor Drive with Accelerator

Lighting & Signalling

  • Headlamps

  • Headlamp Relay

  • Bright/Dim Switch

  • Brake pedal & Switch

  • Reverse Light

  • Hazard Switch

  • Reverse Light Switch

  • Indicators/Flashers

  • Indicator Switch

  • Flasher Relay

  • Number Plate Light

  • Trailer Connection

  • Interior Lights

  • Door Switches


  • Fuses

  • Windscreen Wiper

  • Radiator/interior Fan

  • Hooter/Horn

  • Hooter Button

  • 5 leads red 1m

  • 5 leads black 1m

  • 5 leads black 250mm

  • 5 leads ren 250mm

  • 5 leads blue 250mm

  • 5 leads yellow 250mm

  • Leads holder


  • Tachometer

  • Ammeter

  • Voltmeter

  • Fuel Gauge

  • Fuel Gauge Sender

  • Temperature Gauge

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Oil Pressure Gague

  • Oil Pressure Sentor

PERT Industrials Automotive Allied Auto Electrical Trainer Panels
PERT Industrials Automotive Allied Auto Electrical Trainer Panels
Automotive complete cutaway
Auto Electrical Prewired

Auto Electrical Trainer - Prewired


This training unit faithfully reproduces the complete electrical system of a modern motor car, using all original equipment of a Toyota Hilux.  It can be used as a theoretical or practical trainer as well as a fault finding trainer.



  • Real operating systems of instrument cluster, lighting systems, illumination, wiper motor, starting systems, charging systems and ignition

  • All components connect to the main central harness with high quality 4mm plugs with cable markers that relate to the circuit diagram.

  • Test points throughout allow for testing of electrical quantities such as resistance, voltage, current and frequency

  • Powerful 380V electric motor operates the charging system

  • The operation and characteristics of the starter motor are easily investigated

  • Intelligent fault insertion of non destructive actual faults fine tune troubleshooting skills

  • On board Diagnostics socket for real life fault finding practice

  • Steel painted frame on lockable wheels


Size 1700 x 1100 x 800mm

Operating Voltage 12VDC

Motor 2.2 kW 380V

Auto Electrical Trainer Prewired Pert Industrials

Automotive Complete Cutaway


Standard multipoint engine chassis with working light system - on stand with wheels.


Operates at slow speed with 220V AC motor

Automotive Complete Cutaway Pert Industrials

Automotive DVDs


Diesel 1 VW

  • Basics of the diesel engine

  • Injection Systems

  • Exhaust treatment

  • Test


Diesel 2 VW

  • Air intake

  • The high pressure fuel system

  • Turbocharger

  • Common Rail

  • Test


Power Transmission 1 VW

  • Drive concepts

  • Drive

  • Clutch

  • Transmission

  • Tests


Power Transmission 2 VW

  • The automatic gearbox

  • Additional circuits

  • Operation

  • Tests


Power Transmission 3 VW

  • Liquids

  • Basics of the hydraulic system

  • Pressure generation

  • Tests


5-speed automatic gearbox VW

  • Illustration of all the part






Vehicle electrics 1 VW

  • Basic Applied Electronics




Vehicle electrics 2 VW

  • Measuring instruments

  • Electrical components

  • Circuit diagrams

  • Tests


Vehicle electrics 3 –VW

  • Batteries

  • Capacities and electrical;fields

  • Generators and motors

  • Measuring




Gasoline Direct  Injection – BOSH

  • How the gasoline direct injection works with a detailed faithful rendition

Training DVD Diesel Pert Industrials
Training DVD 2 Diesel Pert Industrials
Training DVD Power Transmission 1 Pert Industrials
Training DVD Power Transmission 2 Pert Industrials
Training DVD Power Transmission 3 Pert Industrials
Training DVD 5 speed automatic gearbox Pert Industrials
Training DVD Vechicle electrics 1 Pert Industrials
Training DVD Vechicle electrics 2 Pert Industrials
PERT Industrials Automotive Allied DVD Vehicle Electrics 3
Training DVD Gasoline Direct Injection Pert Industrials
Engine Cutaways

Automotive Engine Cutaways


Original components.  Completely cutaway and carefully painted to didactically highlight all the components of modern automotive equipment.


Only a small selection is shown here - please ask if you have a special requirement


Cutaway of a Hybrid Engine


Original Toyota Hybrid showing all parts including the energy recovery system, the motor generator to start the engine, to drive the car, etc.



Cutaway Hybrid Engine Pert Industrials Automotive

Cutaway of a Modern Petrol Engine


On a stand with wheels, driven by a silent 220V electric engine

Fully cutaway engine, clutch, gearbox etc.


A variety of engines available, ask for our listing or your requirement.


Illustration - 6 cylinder BMW


Cutaway Modern Petrol Engine Pert Industrials Automotive

Cutaway of a Diesel Engine


Two or four stroke, direct or indirect injection, car or large truck, with or without turbo.


Ask for our listing of standard diesel engines.


Illustration - 8V 17 200 cm3.  


Cutaway Diesel Engine Pert Industrials Automotive

Cutaway of Internal Combustion Engine


Models of all standard type internal combustion engines:



4 stroke indirect injection Diesel

2 stroke direct injection Diesel

4 stroke petrol

2 stroke petrol


Jet Engine.  


Illustration - Two stroke petrol engine


Cutaway Internal Combustion Pert Industrials Automotive Engine

Automotive Working Engines


Brand new carburettor petrol engine mounted on a frame on rubber mountings to remove vibration.  Perfect for assembly, disassembly, servicing, etc.  


Complete with

  • Starter

  • Instrument panel with Rev counter

  • Fuel tank with fly back errestor

  • Battery

  • Charging circuit

  • Radiator

  • Exhaust pipe

  • Starter key chained to engine

  • Fire Extinguisher etc.


Other configurations available as shown on the right

(click on images to enlarge).


These motors are supplied with job sheets. 


Working engines Pert Industrials Automotive
PERT Industrials Automotive Allied Working Engine Petrol
PERT Industrials Automotive Allied Working Engine Diesel
Working Engines

Autotronics Can Bus Training System


Distributed control system supported by advanced serial bus system Control Area Network.  A set of modules is supplied which can be interconnected; data transfer is achieved by a microcontroller over the CAN BUS.  The signals and data can be sent to a PC and the current status is displayed on its screeen.  Warning lights are turned on and off to indicate correct functioning.


The system can simulate the operation of the fuel injection system, the ignition system and exhaust gas control.  The experiements include the characteristics and operations of the various sensors and actuators found in modern motor cars.



  • CAN Compliant modules can be connected together and interoperate with each other

  • User friendly GUI design allows display and control on PC Sccreen

  • Each module is equipped with fault simulation switches


List of Modules

Cranskshaft position sensor

Air flow sensor (vane type)

Air flow sensor (hot wire) & manifold absolute pressure

TPS and CTS & O2 sensor

P/N, AC, PSPS, 3GR switch and speed sensor

Fuel injectors and spark plugs

Ignition system

Cooling fan, Fuel pump

A/C compressor relay

Idle air control


Autotronics Can Bus Training System Pert Industrials Automotive

Clutches and Gearboxes


Cutaways of most types of clutches and gear boxes.  Hydraulic, single disc, membrane, torque converter, double clutch, centrifugal, viscous coupling differential, Torsen, Hypoid, Locking, 4 x 4 etc.


Illustration - Viscous coupling Differential.  


Clutches Gearboxes Cutaway Pert Industrials Automotive
Clutches Gearboxes

Didactic Motor Car


Specially constructed traiing vehicle incorporating all the latest technologies, in perfect working order.


The chassis was specifically designed to allow the learners to:

  • View the components in a lecture situation

  • Study the interaction of the various components

  • Remove and replace each component as in a real vehicle

  • Perform tests

  • Service the vehicle

  • OBD Socket (On Board Diagnostics Equipment).  


Test, maintenance etc can be done on:

Engine, Gearbox, Clutch, Brakes, Lubricating Circuits, Cooling System, Injection, Ignition, Suspension, Electric System, Exhaust.


Available in Petrol injection, Turbo Diesel, Common Rail and custom units.


Didactic Motor Car  Pert Industrials Automotive
Didactic Motor Car
Diesel Common Rail

Common Rail Diesel Injection


Training Program

  • Direct injection controlled electronically

  • Control of primary feeding motor-driven pump

  • Controlling the quantity of injected Diesel fuel

  • Control of injection advance

  • Control of injection pressure

  • Controlling temperature of engine and of diesel fuel

  • Controlling idle and peak speeds

  • Stopping injection in release phase

  • Control of pre-heating glow plugs

  • Control of polluting emissions

  • DPF Sensors - temperature, pressure

  • Control of electric cooling fans

  • Control of air conditioner compressor

  • Engine immobiliser system (anti-theft)

  • CAN network low and high speed

  • Troubleshooting

Common Rail Diesel Injection Pert Industrials Automotive



Interactive Automotive Training uses the latest educational technology to present to your learners all those automotive details which would be too tedious to show in real life. At this stage we understand that all the learners would have their own computer and they could access the program. Each learner is supplied with a manual and at specific spots in the manual he is asked to access a presentation which would enhance the subject matter.


A learner management system is included which allows the educator to evaluate each learner’s progress as well a complete classroom evaluation.


The program is available as web based but because some internet areas are very slow, it is also supplied as a DVD where it can be used as a classroom activity and presentation, using either a network or a data projector.


The SSETA has entered into a partnership with Blackburn College in the UK that will support South African training institutions: Blackburn College uses ATT Training.


Please visit for more information.  


eLearning Interactive Training Pert Industrials Automotive
Fuel Pumps

Fuel Pumps


Cutaways of most injection pumps.  Piston, Rotary, Radial piston, various models and makes.


Illustration - Bosh rotary injection pump.  


Fuel Injection Pump Cutaway Pert Industrials Automotive
Hybrid Engine

Hybrid Engine


Working hybrid engine - Prius based.  


Hybrid engine Pert Industrials Automotive
Mobile hydraulics

Mobile Hydraulics Technology


This is an add on manual to supplement our basic Hydraulics trainers, covering the widest range of mobile hydraulic applications found around the world.  


Mobile hydraulics technology manual  Pert Industrials Automotive

Sensors & Actuators


Individually packaged experimental boxes based on actual original automotive sensors and actuators that faithfully display their structure, function and effect.


Each device is terminated into easily accessible test points where the student can check their output on the integral Digital Voltmeter.


The experimental boards are 220VAC powered but the devices themselves operate at the typical 12V DC system found in real motor vehicles. The Power Supply is short circuit protected


Can be used as a demonstration or as a learner’s own self contained experimental kit. Requi.  


Sensors Actuators Experimental boxes Pert Industrials Automotive
PERT Industrials Automotive Allied Sensors Actuators
Simulators heavy vehicles

Simulators, Heavy Vehicles


Heavy Vehicle Electric Wiring Simulator


Training Program

  • Heavy vehicles, wiring harness and electric components (buses, trucks etc)

  • Starting motor

  • Compression - ignition

  • Fuel Injection

  • Cooing and ventilation

  • Fuses and relays

  • Battery

  • Signalling systems

  • Windscreen wiper

  • Indicators

  • Trailer

  • Troubleshooting.  


Heavy Vehicle Electric Wiring Simulator Pert Industrials Automotive

Diesel Vehicle Starting and Charging Simulator


Training Program

  • Battery

  • Starting motor and solenoid valve

  • Starting key

  • Alternator

  • Six cylinder engine

  • Low-pressure motor-driven pump

  • Common Rail high-pressure injection pump

  • Battery voltage versus temperature

  • Battery switching via relay

  • Systems with double starting relay

  • Troubleshooting.  

Heavy Vehicles Diesel Starting Charging Simulator Pert Industrials Automotive
Steering Suspension

Steering & Suspension


Cutaways of most type of Steering Systems.  Rack and Pinion, Recirculating Ball, Power Steering, Elecrically assisted etc.


Illustrated - Electric Power Assisted (EPS) with suspension Complete working


User Variables - Speed, alternator, Steering effort, city driving/normal.

McPhearson strut, rack & Pinion

Adjustment of effort

Vehicle speed 0 - 120km/h

Alternator simulation

Voltage/current display

Diagnostic Socket


Steering Suspension Cutaways Pert Industrials Automotive
Other Training Solutions



Cutaways of most type gearboxes.  Gearbox with clutch, with differential, 5 speed plus reverse, standard automatic, direct shift, tip-tronic, CVT, Ecosplit, 13 speed, etc.


Illustrated - Automatic Transmission


Hydraulic converter

Epicyclic gear with 3 forward and reverse

Multiple plate clutch

Control valves

Transmission Gearbox Cutaways Pert Industrials Automotive
Transmission Gearbox

Other Training Solutions




Reproduce actual systems

Real automotive components

Test Points

Fault insertion


Electrical systems in the engine compartment

Electric lighting and signalling

Auxiliary systems


Multipoint injection

Common rail Diesel injection

ABS + EBD (ABS and Electronic brakeforce distribution)

ABS+ASR+EBD+ESP (Stability control)

ABS, EBD and Drive Control

Safety Systems

Air Conditioning


Modular Panels

Real automotive components mounted on individual panels

on a desktop structure


Electrical systems in the engine compartment

Electric lighting and signaling

Auxiliary systems


Demonstration Panels

Reproduction of actual system

Real and simulated components

Test points

Fault insertion

Desk top


Single point electronic injection and ignition

Multipoint electronic injection and ignition

EBS, EBD and drive control

Air Bag system



Engine starting

Electric circuit

Electric components

Auxiliary systems

Electric wiring for heavy vehicles

Engine control

Sensors and actuators

Emission control

Common rail diesel injection

Diesel truck starting and charging

Four channel ABS

Safety systems and devices

Air conditioning

Electronic control of suspension

Automatic transmission

Other training solutions trainers Pert Industrials Automotive
Modular Panels Pert Industrials Automotive
Demonstration Panels Pert Industrials Automotive
Simulators Pert Industrials Automotive
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