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Due to international agreements, some equipment is reserved for specific market areas. We will respond to your enquiry offering the applicable rig. Most plants are available in either Pilot or table top version, with manual or computer control. Stainless steel and Borosilicate glass is used throughout  

Absorption Column

These units can effectively demonstrate:

Obtain a desired product by feeding a gas through a descending liquid.

Removal of a gas from a liquid

Capturing a gaseous product Enquire







Aerobic Purification

Aereation Stage where oxygen is provided

Settling Stage where any undigested solids will settle

Disinfecting stage where disinfectant is added to

produce a purified effluent







Air Treatment Plant

Create smoke in an air flow system together with acid gas

Mechanical removal of dust by cycloning and filtration

Remove the gas by absorption

All stages are controlled and carefully monitored Enquire







Anaerobic Purification

Anaerobic treatment is carried out in the absence of oxygen.

Other variables such as temperature, pH, etc. allow for

a controlled conversion of complex organic pollutants mainly into

carbon dioxide and methane. Enquire








Coagulation Flocculation and Filtration

This is our latest development of a pilot plant which can be used in Chemical Engineering as well as in environmental studies.

All the latest technologies are involved. Enquire











Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower rig will familiarize the student with the

design parameters under different air and water flow rates  Enquire










Crystallisation Pilot Plant

Batch crystallisation evaporating a solution under varying pressure conditions and then effect crystallization by cooling Enquire












Cyclone separator

Although cyclonic separation occurs in many of our other pilot plants, this rig allows the study of the cyclonic effect under various conditions Enquire








We have the exact  plant that you need; or we can build it

to your specifications – One of our plants has two different

columns which can be engaged as required. Enquire















Water purification involving

Activated Charcoal

Nano filtration


Ultra filtration Enquire







Flow Measurement Rig.

Self contained water circulating unit for studying

various flow measuring instruments:

Venturi, Orifice, Pitot tube, Flow meter, Measuring tank and

Manometer. Enquire






Fixed and Fluidised bed apparatus

Table top self contained unit with two beds, one for air

and one for water, to study fluid bubbling phenomena, such as

Pressure Drops, Fluidisation equations, etc. Enquire








Heat Exchangers

A number of heat exchangers are available:


Shell and Tube

Jacketed vessel


A combination of any of the above in one unit Enquire





For studying two materials under various conditions:

Mixing tank with removable baffles, variable speed agitator

with different impellers. Torque and speed measurement.

Air bubbles help in visualizing the process Enquire









Pressure measurement Rig

Includes manometers, pressure gauges, and dead weight

pressure tester.

A pump generates Pressure and Vacuum Enquire












Batch reaction

Continuous reaction

Stirred reactors

Manual or computerized versions Enquire







Temperature Measurement Bench

Table top bench demonstrating various temperature

measuring devices, including: Resistance, Thermistors,

Thermocouple, Bimetallic, Vapour Pressure, Liquid expansion,

Etc. Enquire









Tray Drier

To study the principles of tray drying by a stream of hot

air, as often used in the food industry.

The relationship between temperature, humidity

and velocity of the air is investigated Enquire


Absorption Column Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Absorption Column
Flow Measurement Rig
Heat Exchangers
Tray Drier
Aerobic Purification Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Aerobic Purification
Air Treatment Plant
Anaerobic Purification
Temperature Measurement
Pressure Measurement
Air Treatment Plant Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Anaerobic Purification Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Coagulation Flocculation and Filtration Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Coagulation Flocculation and Filtration
Cooling Tower Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Cooling Tower
Crystallisation Pilot Plant
Crystallisation Pilot Plant Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Cyclone Separator Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Cyclone Separator
Distillation  Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
PERT Industrials Chemical Engineering Distillation
Filtration Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Flow Measurement Rig Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Fixed Fluidised Bed Apparatus Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Heat Exchangers Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Mixing Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Pressure Measurement Rig Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Reactors Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Temperature Measurement Bench Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering
Tray Drier Pert Industrials Chemical Engineering

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Interactive DVD for skills training: Of Interest to Chem Eng!


NB –These courses are  mainly in imperial units but this does not deter from its skill learning effectiveness as confirmed by our many metric clients



Air Compressor Repair Library (2 CD’s)

Reciprocating Air Compressors: Principles and Troubleshooting (A9001)

Reciprocating Air Compressors: Disassembly, Inspection, and Reassembly (A9002).


Bearings – Reducing Failure Rate Library (2 CD’s)

Failure Analysis (A8101)

Maintaining Bearings (A8102)


Centrifugal Pump Repair Library (2 CD’s)

Principles and Troubleshooting (A8901)

Disassembly, Inspection, and Reassembly (A8902)


Hand Tools and Measuring Instruments Library (2 CD’s)

Hand Tools (A8601)

Precision Measuring Instruments (A8602)


Industrial Hydraulic Power Library (5 CD’s)

Hydraulic System Operation (A9501)

Hydraulic Pumps, Pumping Principles, and Accumulators (A9502)

Pressure Controls (A9503)

Directional and Flow Controls (A9504)

Hydraulic Actuators (A9505)


Industrial Lubrication Library (2 CD’s)

Fundamentals of Lubrication (A8401)

Lubrication Maintenance (A8402


Mechanical Seals Library (1 CD)

Mechanical Seals (A9801)


Pipefitting Library (4 CD’s)

Pipefitting Materials and Layout (A8801)

Tubing and Threaded Pipe (A8802)

Preparing Piping for Installation (A8803)

Lagging and Insulation (A8804)


Pneumatic Power Library (1 CD)

Pneumatic Air Treatment (A7401)


Rigging and Lifting Library (3 CD’s)

Hand Operated Equipment (A8701)

Forklifts and Cranes (A8702)

Ladders and Scaffolding (A8703)


Valve Repair Library (2 CD’s)

Gate Valve Repair (A9101)

Globe and Control Valve Repair (A9102)


Analyzers Library (5 CD’s)

Principles of Process Analysis (AAS01)

Spectroscopic Analyzers (AAS02)

Gas Chromatographs (AAS03)

Air and Water Analysis (AAS04)

Process Sampling Systems (AAS05)


Boiler Control Library (3 CD’s)

Boiler Systems (ABC01)

Boiler Controls (ABC02)

Troubleshooting Boiler Controls (ABC03)


Control Valves Library (4 CD’s)

Body Types and Trim (ACV01)

Actuators and Positioners (ACV02)

Actuator and Positioner Maintenance (ACV04)


Controller Tuning Library (1 CD)

Controller Tuning (ACTAV)


Distributed Control Library (2 CD’s)

Distributed Control Fundamentals (ADC01)

Maintaining Distributed Control Systems (ADC02)


Electronic Maintenance Library (5 CD’s)

Pressure and Temperature Transmitters (AEM01)

Flow Transmitters (AEM02)

Level and Weight Transmitters (AEM03)

Transducers, Annunciators, Recorders (AEM04)

Electronic Controllers (AEM05)


Fundamentals of Industrial Measurement Library  (4 CD’s)

Pressure Measurement (AFM01

Flow Measurement (AFM02)

Temperature Measurement (AFM03)

Level Measurement (AFM04)


Industrial Process Control Library (2 CD’s)

Single Loop Control (AIP01)

Multiple Loop Control (AIP02)


Instrument Calibration Library (5 CD’s)

Calibration Principles (AIC01)

Calibrating Pressure and Differential Pressure Instruments (AIC02)

Calibrating Temperature Instruments (AIC03)

Calibrating Flow Instruments (AIC04)

Calibrating Level Instruments (AIC05)


Instrumentation and Control Safety Library (3 CD’s)

Personnel Safety (AIS01)

Working with Hazardous Materials (AIS02)

Instruments in Hazardous Environments (AIS03


Interpreting Process Control Diagrams Library (1 CD)

Interpreting Process Control Diagrams (AIPCD)


Pneumatic Maintenance Library (3 CD’s)

Pneumatic Principles (APM01)

Sensors and Transmitters (APM

Controllers and Recorders (APM03)


Process Operations Library (3 CD’s)

Heating and Cooling Systems (APO01)

Distillation Columns (APO02)

Batch Process Systems (APO03)


Test Instruments and Devices Library (4 CD’s)

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Test Devices (ATI01)

Electronic Test Devices (ATI02)

Temperature and Frequency Test Devices (ATI03)

Analog and Digital Oscilloscopes (ATI04)


Troubleshooting Library (3 CD’s)

Troubleshooting Single Loop Control Systems (ATS01)

Troubleshooting Multi-Loop Control Systems (ATS02)

Troubleshooting Distributed Control Systems (ATS03)


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