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Basic Electricity (Electric Lab 700)


The complete starter kit for when your students are more interested in the components rather than the circuits.  From series and parallel to the diode, magnetism, electromagnetism, motors, generators, Lentz's Law and much more.

Basic Electricity Electric Lab 700 Pert Industrials Training Equipment

Basic Electronics (MINIDATS Digital Analog Training System)


Traditional burn out proof electronics trainer.  With AC and DC power supplies, Function generator, Potentiometers, etc.  Innovative transparent breadboards makes it easy for your students to follow the circuitry.  Available with Manual and optional set of components.

Basic Electronics MINIDATS Digital Analog Training System Pert Industrials

Bread Boards


Our bread boards are now made of durable transparent plastic for ease of circuit recognition by your students.  In a variety of sizes.

Breadboard  Pert Industrials Training Equipment

Certificate of Compliance (Electrical Certification)


A fully equipped demonstration panel which allows the instructor to teach a course leading to proficiency in issuing a Certificate of Competency for domestic installations as specified by SANS 10142.  Moreover, the fault insertion system makes the unit highly suitable as an examination and testing tool.

Certificate of Compliance Electrical Certification Pert Industrials



3 1/2 digit display.  Frequency measurange range.  Max test voltage 600V AC & DC, Max test current 400A AC.  Diode test, on/off buzzer, Data hold, RMS

Clampmeter Pert Industrials

Communication Trainer


Analog:  Oscillators/second order LPF & HPF.  AM Modulator/demodulator, DSB-SC & SSB, FM Modulator/demodulator.

Digital:  A/D - D/A converter, PWM Modulator/Demodulator, FSK Modulator/Demodulator


Complete Electronics (DATS Complete Digital Analog Training System)


The bench mark of all electronic trainers.  Includes all the instruments necessary for the complete electronic workstation:  Power supplies, AC and DC, Breadboards, Function Generator, Speaker, Multimeters, Displays etc.  Removable breadboards can be replaced with specialised training modules - can be customised to your requirement.

Complete Electronics DATS Complete Digital Analog Training System Pert Industrials

DC Motors (DC Multi-function Machine)


You no longer have to purchase different DC motors or generators.  This machine can simply be connected in the classical shunt, series or compound configurations - Motor or Generator.

DC Motors DC Multi-function Machine Pert Industrials

DC Motor Controls (DC Motor Controllers)


With the advent of alternate energy, the DC motor is coming back.  Teach your learners the following controls:  Microcontroller/Thyristor Motor Controller - H-Bridge Motor Controller - NAND Gate/Thyristor Motor Controller.

DC Motor Controls DC Motor Controllers Training Equipment Pert Industrials

Demountable Motors (Demountable Electrical Machine)


By the simple addition of a "Plug & Play" Module, you are able to demonstrate the performance and wiring of most electric motors, generators, alternators, etc.

Demountable Motors Demountable Electrical Machine Pert Industrials

Domestic and Appliances Trainer


Examine the circuits normally found in a domestic dwelling and interconnect it to form a complete circuit.  Includes a hob, geyser, electric iron etc.

Domestic and Appliance Trainer Pert Industrials

Electrical/Electronics Software


Choose if you want to solder components or use a standard breadboard.  Mount the components and choose any number of instruments (which you couldn't afford) and see the circuit come to life.  The circuit diagram is automatically produced - or order TINA to get the PC board layout.

Electrical Electronics Software Pert Industrials

Electrical Posters



Electricity Start up Kit (Basic Electricity Snaptricity)


Suitable as a start up system even at primary school level.  Snap your components in place to form a circuit from static electricity to basic electrical circuits and even motor circuits.  Perfect intro kit.

Basic Electricity Snaptricity Start up Kit Pert Industrials

Electronics Startup Kit (Snapcircuit 300)


From batteries and resistors, to logic circuits, Integrated circuits, wireless circuits etc.

Electronics Start up Kit Snapcircuit 300 Pert Industrials

Function Generator


3MHz multi wave form: sine, triangle, square, ramp, pulse etc.

Separate TTL, 50Hz sine and single output.

6 digit counter

Function Generator Pert Industrials

Instruments - Virtual


Multimeter AC/DC, Function Generator, Dual Channel Digital Storage Scope, Signal Analyser, Digital Signal Generator, Logic Analyser.

Virtual Instruments Pert Industrials

Insulation/Continuity Tester


Multi test voltage, Auto range on insulation, LCD background light, Data hold, LED indicator ON, Low battery warning

Insulation Continuity Tester Pert Industrials

Interactive Electrical/Electronics Software


Basic Electronics, Digital Electronics, Troubleshooting PLC, Troubleshooting Hydraulic Systems, Basic Robotics

Interactive Electrical Electronics Software Pert Industrials

LCR Meter


Hand held, Low consumption and data hold.

LCR Meter Pert Industrials

Lighting Systems


Table top panel including all the latest technologies such as dimmable fluorescent lights, Strip LEDs, etc with Power correction facilities - touch screen power analyser.

LCR Lighting Systems Pert Industrials

Mechatronics Basic (Conveyor Kit)


Some of the most fundamental actions present in any mechatronics rig are:  transporting, identification and sorting.  All these functions are included in one basic unit affordable by all budgets.  Price includes PLC, PLC Cable, PLC Software, Conveyor Belt, Sample boxes and Simulcards.

Mechatronics Basic Conveyor Kit Pert Industrials

Micro Controller


Snap-Micro I is an easy way to learn about microcontrollers and how they are used in the real world.  Our easy to follow instructions will guide you through the programming of basic commands by using flow charts that operate the microcontroller.  After a brief intro, Snap-Micro I will have you programming over 25 projects such as data loggers, A/D converters, DC motors and much more using the supplied components.  No prior understanding of microcontrollers required.

Snap-Micro Snap Circuits Mircor Controller Pert Industrials

Motor Controls (Motor Control Laboratory)


Assemble all standard motor starting circuits, AC and DC, including Slip Ring (Wound Rotor) motors, PLC controls, etc.  Wide range of voltages available.

Motor Control Laboratory Pert Industrials

Motor Testing Rigs


Individual stand alone motor test stations, complete with loading device.  Single phase, three phase, DC etc.

Motor Testing Stations Pert Industrials



Our multimeter is highly prized for its durability and because of its AC and DC capabilities in the Amp range.

Multimeter Pert Industrials



State of the art 25MHz storage oscilloscope - digital.  Full colour display allows ease of operations.  PC Connection - Supplied with a powerpoint presentation program.

Oscilloscope Pert Industrials

PCB Manufacturing


We have put together various kits to include all the items required to teach your students how to manufacture PC boards.


Develop -> Spray Wash -> Etch -> Spray Wash -> Resist strip -> Spray Wash -> Immerse Tin 

PCB Manufacturing Pert Industrials

PLC Basic Trainer


Standard industrial PLC mounted on board which allows it to be used as a basic or advanced trainer.  Complete with power supply and software.  Simulcards are supplied to simulate a variety of situations.

PLC Basic Trainer Pert Industrials

PLC Application (PLC Controlled Traffic Intersection)



Power Distribution Simulator


The system simulates the conditions encountered in the distribution of electric power from a main power station via a transmission centre to standard users such as residential, commercial and industrial.  A second power plant can be put in operation when required at peak demand times.  Additionally the power may be exported or imported into the net and faults may be inserted for student's total comprehension.  Any parameter can be altered at will and its effect can immediately be seen throughout the grid.

Power Distribution Simulator Pert Industrials

Power Electronics


Use this lab to perform power electronics experiments and also use it to investigae power electronics devices and their applications such as in alarm circuits, flashers, rectifiers, choppers, inverters etc

Electricity Electronics Power Electronics Pert Industrials

Power Supplies Heavy Current AC/DC


All types available from 2A table top units to 20Amp wheeled units - Single or three phase.

Power Supply Heavy Current Pert Industrials

Power Supplies DC


0 ~ 30Volts

0 ~ 3 Amps

Short circuit proof.

Power Supply DC Pert Industrials

Power Supply Individually Variable


380VAC 5A per phase

Power Supply Individually Variable Pert Industrials

Power Systems


Determination of the power factor of a machine as a generator and as a motor - Draw V curves - Power factor vs DC field current - Vector diagrams of the motor and the generator with leading and lagging power factor - Power Generation - Synchronisation with the grid - and more.

Power Systems Pert Industrials

Protection Systems (Electrical Protection Relay)


Investigate protection against overloads, overcurrent, unbalanced loads, under or overvoltage, earth faults, symmetry, differential protection, etc. with programmable trip time.  Fully configurable relay with front-end software or HMI.  The front-end data recorder and spectrum analyser can be used to monitor transformer and motor performance or to detect harmonics up to the 9th harmonic of any three currents.

Protection Systems Electrical Protection Relay Pert Industrials

RLC Loads


Three different units to give you all the necessary resistive, Inductive and Capacitive loads that you may need in your laboratory.

RLC Loads Pert Industrials

Software Motors and Controls


Interactive software:  maintenance of Electric Motors and control equipment.  More interactive CDs available; ask for listing.

Motors and Controls Software Pert Industrials

Soldering Station


24VAC various wattages available.  Stepless temperature selection 200 - 300 degrees Centigrade +/-3%.

Soldering Station Pert Industrials

Trade Test Equipment (The cube)


The cube is the support monudle for a variety of Electrical engineering panels.

Trade Test Equipment Pert Industrials

Trade Test Panels


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Training Bench (Electrical or Electronic)


These benches are supplied eitehr bare or with your selection of instruments.

Electrical or Electronic Training Bench Pert Industrials
Electricity Electronics Trade Test Panels Pert Industrials
Electricity Electronics Trade Test Panels Pert Industrials
Electricity Electronics Trade Test Panels Pert Industrials

Transformer Trainer - Basic


Single and three phase transformer - Polarity testing - current and voltage in different configurations - open and short circuit test - transformer efficiency.

Transformer Trainer Basic Pert Industrials

Transformer - Vector Notation


The only Vector Group Clock Notation trainer to investigate the phase shift between high and low voltage windings of a transformer. Using a “Clock Notation” we refer to the standard 12 hour clock face. There are 12 segments in a 360o clock face, each one representing a 30o phase shift. Relating back to the clock notation 1 o-clock is 30 degrees, 2 = 60 degrees, 3 = 90 degrees….12 = 0 degrees or 360 degrees

Transformer Trainer Vector Notation Pert Industrials

Transistor Tester


Various semiconductor DC Parameters.  Transistor, diode, triac, FET.  Capacitor withstand voltage.  Electric appliance insulation.

Transistor Tester Pert Industrials

Variable Speed Drives


The trainer is based on one of the most advanced AC drive unit, Yaskawa V1000, specially adapted for a modern educational environment, allowing the student to simulate most of the functions present in advanced units and as applied in industry

Variable Speed Drive Trainer Pert Industrials